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Where: Luhačovice, Czech Republic
Doors: 1st JULY 2017 @ 22:00 / get tickets at
Facebook event:

We are honored to play at 8th's non-mainstream festival Luhovaný Vincent, taking place in heart of spa town Luhačovice. As we did in Liberec and Prague earlier this year, even here we will be presenting our new project with Izanasz - a 45 minute long and weird track:

Shows / Past
larkin 2017-07-01 | Luhovany Vincent, Luhacovice, CZ
with various artists
larkin 2017-06-09 | Potrvá, Prague, CZ
with La Ciencia Simple
larkin 2017-06-07 | Divadlo pod Lampou, Plzen, CZ
with La Ciencia Simple
larkin 2017-04-25 | Punctum, Prague, CZ
with balg
larkin 2017-03-17 | Tiefgrund, Berlin, DE
with halbzeug
larkin 2017-02-03 | Ještědská Odysea, Liberec, CZ
with various artists
larkin 2016-11-16 | Klubovna, Praha, CZ
with Meccaverius Society
larkin 2016-10-30 | Azyl, Liberec, CZ
with Tengri + Noll Koll
larkin 2016-10-01 | Kafe Komedie, CZ
with 27
larkin 2016-09-02 | Ruins of Intolerance #006, Perla, CZ
with various artists
larkin 2016-06-18 | Magick Musick 2016, Čermná, CZ
with various artists
larkin 2016-06-09 | Cafe Na Pul Cesty, Prague CZ
with Politische Gespräche Verboten
larkin 2016-05-03 | Kavarna Potrva, Prague CZ
with Tengri + Mooncup Accident
larkin 2016-02-27 | CESTA, Tábor CZ
with C + Or
larkin 2015-11-11 | Kavarna Potrva, Prague CZ
on Onement mr.'s exhibition
larkin 2015-09-18 | Kavarna Potrva, Prague CZ
with Diary of My Misanthropy (UA/CZ)
larkin 2015-03-06 | Kavarna Potrva, Prague CZ
with David Clarkson (UK)
larkin 2014-09-20 | Ron Bar Sbohem Rozume, Prague CZ
with Tengri (CZ) + 0100 (CZ)
larkin 2014-05-12 | Fatal Club, Prague CZ
with Dirge (FR)
Czech Republic

Dreare hails from Prague, Czech Republic and consists of three best friends - Vojta Tomasek on bass, Tomas Krigler on guitar and Tomas Hradil on drums - yes, there are similarities.


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