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Shows / Upcoming
Where: Holešovická Šachta, Prague, Czech Republic
Doors: 1st NOVEMBER 2017 @ 19:30 / entry according to your financial situation
Facebook event:

They say 30,000 Monkies are the weirdest ones to ever appear under Consouling Sounds label.
We are looking forward finding that out as a support in Prague on their european tour.
Shows / Past
larkin 2017-07-01 | Luhovany Vincent, Luhacovice, CZ
with various artists
larkin 2017-06-09 | Potrvá, Prague, CZ
with La Ciencia Simple
larkin 2017-06-07 | Divadlo pod Lampou, Plzen, CZ
with La Ciencia Simple
larkin 2017-04-25 | Punctum, Prague, CZ
with balg
larkin 2017-03-17 | Tiefgrund, Berlin, DE
with halbzeug
larkin 2017-02-03 | Ještědská Odysea, Liberec, CZ
with various artists
larkin 2016-11-16 | Klubovna, Praha, CZ
with Meccaverius Society
larkin 2016-10-30 | Azyl, Liberec, CZ
with Tengri + Noll Koll
larkin 2016-10-01 | Kafe Komedie, CZ
with 27
larkin 2016-09-02 | Ruins of Intolerance #006, Perla, CZ
with various artists
larkin 2016-06-18 | Magick Musick 2016, Čermná, CZ
with various artists
larkin 2016-06-09 | Cafe Na Pul Cesty, Prague CZ
with Politische Gespräche Verboten
larkin 2016-05-03 | Kavarna Potrva, Prague CZ
with Tengri + Mooncup Accident
larkin 2016-02-27 | CESTA, Tábor CZ
with C + Or
larkin 2015-11-11 | Kavarna Potrva, Prague CZ
on Onement mr.'s exhibition
larkin 2015-09-18 | Kavarna Potrva, Prague CZ
with Diary of My Misanthropy (UA/CZ)
larkin 2015-03-06 | Kavarna Potrva, Prague CZ
with David Clarkson (UK)
larkin 2014-09-20 | Ron Bar Sbohem Rozume, Prague CZ
with Tengri (CZ) + 0100 (CZ)
larkin 2014-05-12 | Fatal Club, Prague CZ
with Dirge (FR)
Czech Republic

Dreare hails from Prague, Czech Republic and consists of three best friends - Vojta Tomasek on bass, Tomas Krigler on guitar and Tomas Hradil on drums - yes, there are similarities.


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